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David Thelwall writes:

"I am delighted that my niece, Hazel, has taken over the Weathertree business so pleased it will carry on from the origins in 1983!! 

I know so many of you have been filling them in for many years and it's great that Hazel will keep the tradition going."

November 2020


What is it?

Who's it for?


What's a Weather Tree?

The Weather Tree is a poster (85 x 64cm) depicting a tree with twelve branches to represent the twelve months of the year and with a leaf for every day of the year.

Colours are chosen to represent different weather types and a leaf is coloured in each day with the appropriate colour(s). At the end of the year you will have a unique, lasting and individual record of the weather in your locality.

Who's it for?

The Weather Tree makes a popular present for all ages from pre-school children to the elderly.

It is easily coloured in using felt tip pens, crayons or water colours.

Customise your Weather Tree

Further "leaves" can be added to the key to give a more detailed breakdown of weather types.

Details such as frost, wind, thunder etc. can be recorded by outlining the leaf in a particular colour and maximum and minimum temperatures can be written next to each leaf.


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